Wooden Storage Sheds vs. Vinyl Storage Sheds

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What is the difference between Wooden Storage Sheds and Vinyl Storage Sheds.  Both the Wood and Vinyl Storage Sheds are Built to last a lifetime.  The Wooden Storage Sheds will require some maintenance in the form of painting on average between 8 to 12 years depending if it is in direct sunlight or if it is shaded from the sun.  The Wooden Storage Sheds are standard with Duratemp T1-11 Siding which has a 25 Year warranty.

The Vinyl Storage Sheds have a 1/2″ Plywood Interior with a Lifetime Warranty Vinyl Siding Exterior.  Vinyl Sheds also come with a Fiberglass Door instead of a Wooden Door.  

Both the Wooden and Vinyl Sheds have 16″ On Center 2×4 Sidewalls and Roof trusses.  They both have a 40 year runner pressure treated base.  The Wooden & Vinyl Sheds are custom built with your choice of paint or vinyl colors.  Shingles are standard on all sheds.  

The inside of both the Wood and Vinyl Sheds are almost identical.  Below is a side by side view of a wooden and vinyl shed.

Wooden Sheds, Sheds, Storage Sheds

 Vinyl Sheds





The Siding on the Wooden Sheds is Stronger and holds up better against a Weed Eater or other Blunt objects that could damage the Vinyl Siding.  The Vinyl Siding does offer a 2nd level of protection as far as having plywood on the inside.  Nothing major but possibly a little better for heating and cooling because every layer counts for something.  

The last thing to consider is price.  The Vinyl will cost more initially, however every time you don’t have to paint the building you get some of the cost savings back.  More importantly it saves you time, thats something most people don’t have enough of.  

So both are good chooses depending on your preferences.