Detached Garage Buying Guide

Prefab Detached Garage

detached prefab garage

Alan’s Factory Outlet detached prefab garage is built in wood detached garages, vinyl detached garages and metal detached garages.

The wood and vinyl detached garage is built by the Amish and delivered fully assembled to your home.  The wood and vinyl prefab garage can be built with or without a floor.  The recommended base for the detached garage is either a gravel pad or a concrete slab. 

detached 2 car garage

The wood and vinyl detached garage comes in a one car garage and a detached 2 car garage.  There is also one more option for these garages and that is whether you want to go with a one story or a detached two story garages.  The two story buildings can be built in an a-frame or barn roof.

prefab 2 story garages

The metal garages are built on site and only come without a floor.  The metal building is built in three styles called regular style which is a barn roof and boxed eave and vertical.  The boxed eave and vertical both have the a-frame roof but the vertical is made with the roof sheeting up and down which helps the snow slide off. 

detached metal garages

One of the key advantages that the metal garages have is since they are built on site we can make it a lot taller with up to 12′ legs and with a garage door up to 12×12 in size which gives you a garage door large enough for a motor home or tractor trailer.  The metal buildings are built in a 1 car and 2 car garage.

The wood and vinyl detached garages are delivered and installed in Virginia and West Virginia.

The metal garages are delivered and installed for free in 19 different states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

Alan’s Factory Outlet wood, vinyl and metal detached garages are on display at 643 West Main St. Luray, VA 22835.