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9 Essential Tips To Prepare Your Car For Long-Term Garage Storage

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“Protecting Your Stored Car Over the Winter”

Some cars are perfect for driving over snowy roads during the wintertime while other vehicles are better off taking a long winter’s nap. If you have a car that you prefer to store in the garage during the winter, there are a few things you can do to maintain its condition and keep it safe from damage. Here are some examples.

9 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Garage Storage

  1. Fill Up the Gas Tank. Storing a car with little to no gas in it allows moisture to form inside the tank. This can cause the tank to corrode or rust. However, when the gas tank is full, there is no space for moisture to form inside it.
  2. Put in Fuel Stabilizer. After filling the tank with gas, put in some fuel stabilizer. A stabilizer will prevent the liquid inside the car’s fuel lines from hardening or becoming gummy. Be sure to drive around for a little while to allow the fuel stabilizer to make its way through the car’s system.
  3. Change the Oil and the Filter. A fresh supply of oil along with a new filter prevents corrosion from occurring inside a car’s fuel lines and engine throughout the winter months.
  4. Change the Coolant. Replacing old, contaminated coolant in a car helps to prevent corrosion and problems with the radiator.
  5. Block off the Tailpipe. Putting an old rag in the tailpipe of your car prevents mice and other rodents from gaining entrance to your car. Rodents can chew through the wiring of a car and leave droppings on upholstery causing a foul odor.
  6. Place Mothballs on the Garage Floor. This is another way to discourage rodents from trying to gain access to your car. Put a few near the car doors as well as in front of and behind the vehicle. The odor of the mothballs can stop rodents from approaching your car.
  7. Raise the Car Off Ground. Using a car jack and jack stand, raise the front of the car off the ground to prevent flat areas from forming on your tires. Make sure the car is stable on the jack before leaving the garage. If you aren’t comfortable with raising your car, I suggest you put more air in the tires without exceeding the maximum amount. Your tires will lose air as your car sits in the garage over the winter.
  8. Remove the Battery. A car battery loses power over time even if the car is never on the road. It’s a smart idea to remove the car’s battery, clean the corrosion and dirt off the terminals and hook the battery to a charger.
  9. Use a Car Cover. A waterproof cover that fits snugly over a vehicle can prevent moisture and dust from collecting on a car’s body and windows. Allowing moisture to collect on a car may lead to corrosion. Make sure that your car cover allows some air to circulate beneath it. A car cover is useful even for a car that is stored inside!

Follow these simple tips to keep your car in great condition so it’ll be ready for a fun road trip in the springtime! Thanks for reading!-Alan

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