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9 Plant Suggestions to Grow on Your Pergola

When I look at a new pergola, I see dozens of creative possibilities. A well-built pergola deserves to be decorated with beautiful blooms. What’s more, choosing the perfect plant is the fun part! Luckily, there are many types of plants that are ideal for growing on a pergola. Here are some ideas to kick-start your creativity.

Nine Suggestions for Plants to Grow On Your Pergola

  1. The Mandevilla Vine: The Mandevilla vine features flowers that will remind you of the tropics. Some of the most popular colors are white, pink, and deep red. Not surprisingly, this type of plant thrives in warmer climates. The Mandevilla vine grows quickly and needs a strong structure, making it a perfect choice for your pergola plant.
  2. Climbing Roses: This plant is a traditional favorite with many flower enthusiasts. The climbing rose is pliable, so it can grow fairly easily up the side and across the top of a pergola. Some lovely colors include dramatic yellow, light pink, deep red, and “Joseph’s Coat,” which is a combination of brightly colored blossoms. Keep in mind that these roses need to be pruned on a regular basis to ensure that there is fresh growth.
  3. Bougainvillea: If you’re a fan of purples and pinks, bougainvillea may be the perfect option for your pergola. It can be trained to climb the posts of a pergola by planting it next to a large wooden stake. Use gardening tape to gently attach the vine to the stake. This will guide the plant as it grows. Once the bougainvillea vine reaches the top of the stake, carefully wind its end around a post of your pergola. It will know where to grow from there!
  4. Bower Vine: This plant features delicate white or pink flowers and loves the sunshine. They grow very quickly and can loop around the twists and turns of your pergola, bringing it to life!
  5. Clematis: Clematis is a popular choice for many pergola owners because it’s available in different shades of pink and purple. Also, the fragrance of the plant differs depending on which type you choose. It can be found with small, delicate petals or large ones that will make your pergola the highlight of your backyard!
  6. Wisteria: Wisteria plants have a sweet fragrance that you can enjoy every time you sit beneath your pergola. Its blooms are an appealing pale purple. This plant loves to twirl itself around the corners and posts of a pergola.
  7. English Ivy: If you’re a pergola owner who appreciates a gathering of classic green vines, English ivy might be the best choice for you. Don’t be surprised if your English ivy grows as long as 50 feet! It’s a hardy vine that’s a great option if you’re a beginner at decorating your pergola.
  8. Jasmine: I recommend this pergola plant to folks who appreciate a strong fragrance! The elegant white or pink blossoms of this plant need warmth to flourish. It needs very little maintenance with the exception of some minor pruning work. Jasmine helps to transform a pergola from a peaceful place to sit into a charming attraction in your yard.
  9. Red Passion Flower: A pergola bursting with red passion flower vines is a butterfly’s paradise. This plant originates from the tropics and needs warmth to flourish. There’s nothing subtle about the large red petals clinging to this vine. If you want to make sure your pergola stands out, the red passion flower is for you! Keep a close watch on your pergola because you’re sure to get a few visits from some hummingbirds.

Have fun decorating your pergola with beautiful blooms! – Alan

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