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8 Ways to Add Shade to Your Yard in the Summer

Do you love watching birds, squirrels, butterflies, and other critters do their thing in your yard? Sitting in the sunshine for a while is great, but you need a shady place to retire to as well. If you want to throw some shade at your yard (in a good way), I have some ideas for what you can add to the scene.

  1. A Patio Umbrella: If you purchase a table for your patio, get one with an umbrella. Putting up the umbrella is an easy way to enjoy some shade while playing cards, talking, eating, etc.
  2. An Awning: Consider putting an awning over your patio. They are available in many different styles and colors to match your outdoor décor. Plus, you can easily take down or put up the awning to suit your preferences.
  3. A Carport: A carport is not just a convenient place to park your car or truck. It can provide shade when you want to sit outdoors to read, chat with family members, or listen to music. If you have a few friends over for a barbecue or picnic, set up a few folding chairs beneath your carport so guests can get some shade. If you have dogs, cats, or even farm animals that roam around your property, a carport is a great place for them to get relief from the sun, too.
  4. A Tree: Planting a tree not only provides shade, but it also adds beauty to your yard. A flowering dogwood, red maple, or weeping willow might make a nice, shade-providing addition to your yard. Be sure to check with a landscaping professional so you choose a tree that won’t overwhelm your yard as it grows.
  5. A Pergola: Adding a pergola to your yard gives you a unique place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Growing climbing plants such as wisteria, clematis, and passion flowers on your pergola provides you with natural shade. I think a pergola draped with colorful vining is perfect if you want some shade and privacy.
  6. Curtains: Putting up a row of curtains on your patio or deck is another way to beat the heat. There are portable stands available that you can set up outdoors to hang your curtains from. Though they don’t block the sun from above, they can block sunlight pouring in from a particular angle during the afternoon.
  7. A Fence: Building a fence of a certain height can help you add shade to spaces in your yard. This idea takes some planning in order to get the height and location of the fence right.
  8. Hanging Plants: You may wonder how a couple of hanging plants could provide shade on a deck, porch, or patio. But if you’ve ever owned a Boston fern, you know they grow upward and outward! Display your Boston ferns, fuchsias, or torenias in well-thought-out locations on your patio or porch to get some shade at certain times of the day.

As you see, making a shady area in your yard can be a fun, creative project! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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