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8 Tricks To Keep Cut Flowers Looking Fresher For Longer

Do you like to walk into the kitchen to see a vase of daisies or chrysanthemums on your table? Maybe you have a favorite flower you like to cut from your garden to bring into your home. Regardless of the types of flowers you love, you’ll want to keep them looking as fresh as possible in their vase. Good news! I have some simple things you can do to keep your cut flowers looking fresh for as long as possible.

  1. Use an Apple Cider Vinegar Mixture. Create a mixture using two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar. Pour it into your vase with the water. The apple cider vinegar kills bacteria that can make your flowers fade more quickly, while the sugar serves as food for the flowers.
  2. Trim the Stems. Before putting your flowers in a vase, trim an inch off the bottom of the stems. Be sure to cut the stems at an angle. You may want to go out to your garage and get the pruning shears to help you make a precise angled cut. Trimming your stems makes it easier for them to absorb the water they need to stay fresh-looking. Trimming a bit more off of the bottom of the stems each time you change the water can renew your flowers as well.
  3. Put Your Flowers in the Fridge. At the end of the day, put your vase of flowers into the refrigerator. Spending eight hours in the cool temperature of your refrigerator helps to keep your flowers looking fresh.
  4. Remove Some Leaves. Remove the leaves on your flowers that sit below the waterline in your vase. If left on, these leaves can encourage the growth of bacteria in the water that take away from the fresh look of your flowers.
  5. Leave a Penny. Put a penny in the bottom of your vase of flowers. Copper is antibacterial. This is just another way to keep bacteria from shortening the time you get to enjoy your cut flowers.
  6. Add Soda to the Vase. Add cup of clear soda to the water in your flower vase. The sugar in the soda nourishes the flowers and can actually make them smell sweeter! Using a dark soda is another option if you plan to put your flowers in a vase that isn’t clear. Using just a quarter-cup in your vase leaves some soda for you to enjoy over ice!
  7. Crush an Aspirin. Take an aspirin and crush it with a spoon. Dump the crushed aspirin into the vase of water. Aspirin reduces the acidity in the water, which helps it to travel through the stems more quickly. Wilting doesn’t happen as quickly when the flower stems receive adequate water.
  8. Keep the Flowers Out of Direct Sunlight. Taking care with the location of your vase can contribute to the freshness of your cut flowers. Find a place that’s out of the direct sun and away from any vents releasing hot air. Heat or intense sunlight can wilt your flowers more quickly.

The best part about this list of tips is that you likely have many of these items around your house right now. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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