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8 Tips To Paint A Room Faster

Painting a room is an easy way to refresh the décor. For example, painting dark walls with a lighter color can instantly make a room appear larger. If you’re planning to paint in the near future, I have some tips to help you get the work done a little faster.

  1. Use a Putty Knife During Prep. Putting blue painter’s tape at the edges of each wall is one of the most important steps in the preparation process. Save some time by using a putty knife to smooth the tape into place. This gives you a straight line and prevents color from bleeding onto trim, moldings, etc.
  2. Remove Switch Plates and Outlet Covers. This task may seem unnecessary, but it’s a simple step that adds neatness to the finished project. Plus, putting blue painter’s tape around all the switch plates and outlet covers is a time-waster.
  3. Buy the Right Amount of Paint. Calculate the right amount of paint before heading to the store to purchase it. That way, you can avoid the annoyance of pulling the car out of the carport and driving back to the store because you ran out of paint mid-project!
  4. Buy a Paint/Primer Combination. In the past, painters would have to cover dark walls with primer and allow them to dry before painting in a lighter color. Fortunately, there are many paints available today that contain primer mixed in. Having two steps rolled into one definitely adds speed to a painting project.
  5. Use Paint Rollers and an Extender. Painting a wall with a roller is a lot faster than painting a wall with a traditional paintbrush. To add even more speed to the process, purchase a wooden extension pole. Simply attach the roller to the extension pole and you can avoid climbing up and down a ladder to paint the upper part of a wall. Some extender poles are a fixed length, while others can be adjusted to meet your needs. Be sure the rollers you use are compatible with the extender pole you buy.
  6. Invest in a Lined Painting Cup With a Handle. This simple product can save you time, especially when you’re painting trim. You fill the lined cup with white paint (or whatever color you choose), then slip your hand through the handle on the side of the cup. The design of the handle allows you to firmly grip the cup while you dip your paintbrush. Now, you can carry your paint along with you instead of having to stop and walk over to the paint pan to dip your brush. When you’re done with a color, simply remove the lining from the cup to avoid cleanup.
  7. Purchase Quality Brushes. Don’t be tempted to purchase cheap paintbrushes for your painting project. Cheap brushes can drop bristles, smear, and otherwise mess up your painting work. This means you have to go back and correct mistakes. Quality brushes last and contribute to neat painting work.
  8. Cover the Floor With a Canvas Drop Cloth. Use a canvas drop cloth to cover your floor instead of newspaper. Newspaper can tear and move out of place, causing you to have to stop to put more down or readjust it. A canvas drop cloth stays in place and does the job of protecting your floor.

Happy painting! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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