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8 Reasons Why Every Home Needs A Garage

Is it time to get the old scraper out for another winter of cleaning the snow and frost off of your car windows? Perhaps you’re wishing you had a garage so you could bypass the morning scraping routine. That’s certainly a great benefit of having somewhere sheltered to keep your car, but besides skipping the scraping, there are plenty of other reasons to have a beautiful garage of your own. I just happen to have eight more for you today.

  1. Get Extra Storage: When you have a garage, you have a place that’s perfect for your car and dozens of other things you need to store. Sports equipment, garden supplies, trash cans, and boxes of old clothes are just a sampling of what could be sheltered in your garage.
  2. Reduce the Risk of Theft: Parking your car in a garage and closing the door is a deterrent to thieves casing the area. It’s a lot more trouble to try to get inside a garage to search a car for valuables than it is to get into a car parked outdoors. I like the idea of enjoying a little extra peace of mind.
  3. Do Your Car Maintenance Work Indoors: Changing the oil, refilling the windshield-washer fluid, and vacuuming the interior are just a few of the maintenance tasks that are a lot easier to complete in the well-lit, dry, and relatively warm interior of a garage.
  4. Store an Additional Refrigerator: A garage comes in handy for sheltering a little refrigerator to store meat, cheese, extra sodas, and other items that won’t fit into your home’s fridge.
  5. Get a Lower Auto Insurance Rate: Keeping your car in the garage saves it from wear and tear as well as lowers the risk of theft. Sometimes, you can get a reduction in your insurance rate simply by keeping your vehicle in a garage.
  6. Create a Workshop: If you’ve always wanted to set up a workshop for repairing household items, woodworking, or pursuing another hobby, a garage provides you the shelter and space to explore your interests. What a great reason to take on a new hobby!
  7. Protect Your Car From All Types of Weather: Keeping your vehicle under the shelter of a garage is always better than parking it outdoors. Even if you don’t have any snow or extreme weather conditions in your area, you’re still preventing the rain and harsh sunlight from bearing down on the exterior of your car or truck. Plus, parking your car in the garage gives rodents less opportunity to make a home in your wheel wells and chew on your vehicle’s wiring. And just as importantly, birds have less chance to relieve themselves on your car’s windows and paint job. (Did you know that bird droppings can even damage the paint?)
  8. Enhance the Look of Your Property: Having an attractive garage paired with your home makes your property look more complete. Not only does your garage serve a practical purpose, but you can choose one in a color and style that complements your home’s design. If you ever decide to sell your home, potential buyers are sure to notice and appreciate your garage.

Just imagine all of the ways a new garage could help you in your daily life! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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