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7 Regular Maintenance Tips for Your Garage


You probably conduct regular maintenance checks on your house, but how about your garage? Whether you have a workshop in the garage or simply park your car there, it’s a good idea to do a simple maintenance check on a regular basis. Take a look at seven easy maintenance tips that will help keep your garage in shipshape.

Seven Regular Maintenance Tips for Your Garage

  1. Check the Weather-Stripping on Your Doors: Over time, the weather-stripping at the base of your big garage door can become cracked and damaged. It’s a good idea to check the condition of your weather-stripping so you can replace it if necessary. Also, check the weather-stripping around the edges of your side garage door. This will help you to keep the cold winds out of your garage, making it a more comfortable place to be.
  2. Check the Floor for Oil Stains: Chances are good that if your car leaks oil, you have some stains on your garage floor. It’s best if you clean them before they start to spread over the floor. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to remove oil stains from a garage floor. If you have a cat, I suggest you go with the option that uses kitty litter to absorb the oil. It’s nice to know that a big bag of kitty litter can serve more than one purpose!
  3. Examine the Condition of the Exterior and Interior Walls: This is an especially important maintenance tip if you have a wooden garage. By examining the walls of your garage on a regular basis, you can spot signs of damage or mildew right away. If you’re aware of the problem, you can take quick action to keep it from getting worse.
  4. Look for Signs of an Insect Infestation: Small piles of sawdust, holes at the base of the garage walls, and insect droppings are all signs that you may have an infestation of insects in your wooden garage. Once again, it’s best to catch this problem right away so you can contact an exterminator or take other action before boring insects start to degrade the condition of your garage walls. If you have a vinyl garage, check for traces of rodents and insect nests in the corners of your structure.
  5. Check the Condition of Your Garage Doors: Make it part of your regular maintenance routine to examine the condition of your main garage doors. They should be traveling on the rails in an even way and sit flush on the floor. If you see any issues with the operation of your garage door, it’s best to call a professional technician for help.
  6. Look for Signs of Moisture in the Garage: Take a walk around the interior of your garage to inspect the base of the walls. Check the floor for any standing water or water stains. I recommend that you move boxes and containers away from the wall so you have a clear view of any leaks. If any water is present, try to locate the source of the leak. It may be a matter of applying some caulk or waterproof foam to fix the problem.
  7. Check for Branches and Other Debris Around Your Garage: Branches, leaves and other wooden debris around the sides of a garage are an open invitation to boring insects and rodents. They can build homes in the debris and start to do damage to your structure. It’s a good idea to check for this type of debris on a regular basis so you can move it to another area before it accumulates.

Remember, performing regular maintenance checks on your garage can help you to keep the structure in great condition. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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