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7 Natural Methods For Cleaning The Grill

The upside of firing up the grill for your family and friends is that you get to try delicious recipes such as quadruple chili cheeseburgers and honey-grilled chicken. The downside is cleaning the grit and grime off of the grill when the fun is over. If you’re hesitant to clean your grill with store-bought solutions containing chemicals, then you’re in luck! Today, I’m giving you the lowdown on some natural cleaning solutions that can really get the goop, grime, and grease off of your grill.

  1. White Vinegar and Aluminum Foil: Get a bottle of white vinegar from the grocery store and pour some of it into a spray bottle. Spray the vinegar onto your grill, wait three minutes, and scrub the grill with a sheet of aluminum foil. The acid in the vinegar loosens the burned residue, and the aluminum removes it.
  2. An Onion: Heat up your grill to loosen up the leftover bits of burned meat. Next, cut an onion in half, poke a fork into it, and scrub the hot grill with the cut half facing downward. If your grill is especially dirty, spray lemon juice on it before scrubbing with your onion. I think the best part about this method is that you probably already have a stash of onions on hand for your burgers!
  3. A Cleaning Solution With a Citrus Twist: This natural cleaning solution is made of citrus peels, citrus oils and, of course, good old white vinegar. After spraying this solution on a hot grill, getting rid of the grime is an easy process.
  4. Coffee Time! Who knew that coffee could clean a grimy grill?! Simply brew some inexpensive coffee and pour it onto your grill. Let the solution sit for an hour, then gently scrub off the loosened debris. Finish the job by pouring hot water over the grill. This method is great for cleaning your grill and helping you cut down on the caffeine.
  5. Baking Soda and White Vinegar. Put one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of white vinegar into a liter of hot water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto your grill and let it soak in for an hour. Finally, scrub your grill with a soft brush.
  6. The Power of Steam: Find a shallow tin dish and fill it with water. Light your barbecue, put the dish of water inside it, and close the lid. The water will boil, causing steam to flow all around inside your grill. The steam loosens the grit on the grill, making it easier to brush off.
  7. Give Your Grill a Beer: While your grill is still warm, pour half a bottle of beer over it. The beer will loosen the grease and grit, allowing you to scrub it off with ease. Cheers!

I hope you try one or more of these easy, natural ways to clean your grill. Your hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken will taste even better knowing that you clean your grill the natural way. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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