7 Most Popular Storage Building Kits & Backyard Kits

Discover which wood storage building kits and metal storage building kits are in demand at Alan’s Factory Outlet.

1)  The prefab wood storage building kit that is the largest of the DIY wood storage building kits is 10×20 size and the style shed with the most head room is the dutch barn storage building.  The wooden storage buildings online are precut and painted with the doors and windows prehung for an easy assembly experience.  The dutch barn portable storage buildings come with double doors and two windows with gable vents for ventilation.  On the dutch barn storage sheds you get to pick the location for the double door and the two windows.  The wood storage buildings also come painted to save you time and money.

portable storage buildings virginia

2)  If you reside in a location that has a height restriction on the peak height of how tall the shed can be than we have a solution.  The area that sometimes have height restrictions is in Northern Virginia in Fairfax County, VA.  Many of our customers wanting to buy the storage buildings for sale have a 8′ 6″ height clearance so the one style shed that is under this requirement is the 4′ mini barn which is 8′ tall at the peak.  The mini barns have double doors and one window in the back end opposite of the double doors.

3)  The next style that is popular are the a-frame storage building kits.  They have a gable roof which matches the roof line of most homes best which is the main reason many people love the a-frame sheds.  They come with double doors and two windows like the dutch barn and the windows and doors on the a-frame structure can be placed where ever you want them.  The wood a-frame structures have 7′ outside walls and since the floor is just over 7″ off of the ground gives you about 6′ 4″ sidewalls on the inside.  A variation of the a-frame wooden storage building kits is the high wall a-frame which is 1′ taller.

4)  The next kind of building is a metal carport kit which are delivered as a kit and built on site.  They are the cheapest of all of the kits and do a great job of protecting your belongs.  The carport kits are open on the sides and ends thus saving you money but not providing 100% protection rain and snow can still reach it but it is a whole lot more protection then no cover at all.  You can buy the metal carports online at Alan’s Factory Outlet Store.

5)  The most affordable fully enclosed storage building kits available are the metal storage buildings.  The metal storage building kits are delivered to your home as a kit.  Most sizes are built by our crew within one day with free delivery and installation on all of the metal buildings in 27 different states.  The metal buildings are for sale online.

6)  This next type of kit for your backyard are the pergola kits.  They are made as a decorative landmark for a patio or a shaded area for your backyard.  The Amish made pergola kits are built in wood and vinyl and are shipped nationwide in the USA.  The DIY pergola kits do not have a floor.  You can order pergola kits online

7)  Making the list as the most beautiful of all the structures are the gazebo kits.  The Amish made gazebo kits are constructed in wood and vinyl.  The gazebo kits come standard with a floor but we can build it without a floor.  There are many different sizes of gazebos.  You can get it with a single roof or a double roof.  At Alan’s Factory Outlet store there are gazebo kits for sale

Thank you for reading about the 7 most poplular storage building kits and backyard kits.  Please feel free to share this with your family and friends.