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7 DIY Home Improvement Projects That You Can Tackle In A Weekend


‘Organize your garage to help find things faster and keep it neater’

Some home improvement projects take weeks or even months to plan and complete. Other DIY projects are simple and can be done in a single weekend. Here are seven DIY ideas for home improvement projects that can be done in just a couple of days.

Seven DIY Home Improvement Projects to Do on a Weekend

  1. Put in New Bathroom Tile. If the bathroom in your master bedroom or guest room needs a refreshed look, you may want to install a new tile floor. Putting down tile takes some planning, but is a relatively easy process especially if you use peel and stick tile. Peel and stick tile is available in all types of patterns and designs, so your bathroom can take on a whole new style in just a couple of days and without a complete and time-consuming overhaul!
  2. Paint the Front Entryway. Does your entryway need a lift? If the walls are beige, white or another neutral color, try painting them in a pastel. A pastel blue or green would be an appealing sight as you arrive home from work or school each day. If you have baseboards in your entryway, be sure to give them a fresh coat of white paint to complete the picture.
  3. Make a Brick Border Around a Tree. Do you have a favorite tree in your yard? If so, make a brick border to put around it. As a finishing touch, put a layer of mulch inside the brick border. This looks great and puts some distance between the tree and your lawnmower.
  4. Paint the Fence. If you have a white fence around your yard, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. A white fence that is dusty or marked with stains can take away from and dull the curb-appeal of your property. However, a coat of bright white paint will immediately highlight your home and everything around it.
  5. Change the Handles on the Kitchen Cabinets. Putting on different handles may seem like a small thing to do, but it can transform the look of your cabinets. There are so many handles, knobs and pulls to choose from you’re sure to end up with the perfect design. Brushed nickel, bronze, glass, and brushed brass are a just a few of the choices. Just for fun, I suggest you choose a cabinet handle style that is opposite from the one you have now. Your guests will wonder if you got new cabinets!
  6. Put Up a Tire Swing in the Backyard. This weekend DIY project is sure to please the young kids in your life. If you have a large tree with sturdy branches you can hang up an old tire for the little ones to use as a swing. Try it out for yourself and remember what you’ve been missing of those lovely sunny days outside.
  7. Add Some Organization to the Garage. Organizing your garage makes it look neater and allows you to find what you want, when you want it. Install a pegboard on a wall of your garage for storing your tools, nails, screws and more. You can label the containers to make it all the more organized. Create a special, labeled bin for your old cloths and rags to use for dirty jobs. Also, try making a screwdriver storage unit so you have all your screwdrivers stored safely and close at hand.

I hope these seven suggestions get you thinking about even more quick and creative DIY project ideas for your home. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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