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6 DIY Deck Decor Items for Under $10 Each


What sorts of items do you have on your deck? You probably have a table, some chairs, a grill, and maybe even a big umbrella to put up over your table. If you want to make your deck area more interesting, try creating a few unique items to add to the décor. Look at these six simple, inexpensive projects for inspiration!

Six DIY Deck Decor Items for Under $10 Each

  1. A Decorative Mirror. Make a tiled mirror for your deck using tiles, a foam-core board, glue, some spare fabric, and a mirror from the dollar store. One of the best things about this easy project is you can use tiles in a single color or choose some that feature a fun pattern. This mirror will add appeal to your deck area by reflecting sunlight during the day and candlelight at evening gatherings.
  2. Wrapped Flower Pots. Dress up your flower pots by wrapping them with rope. If you already have flowers in terra cotta pots on your deck, then you’re halfway done with this project! Of course, small terra cotta pots are inexpensive if you need to purchase some at the dollar store. You’ll also need some rustic-looking rope and glue. Slowly wrap the rope around each pot, securing the ends with glue. This instantly gives your flower pots a textured look.
  3. Unique Deck Lights. What do clothes pins, battery-operated tea lights, and several empty tuna cans have in common? Not much. But they are the materials you need to make these unique deck lights. Put them on your table, arrange them on the deck railing, or set them on a windowsill to add some subtle lighting to your next evening gathering.
  4. A Personalized Doormat. Chances are good that you need a doormat on your deck so people can wipe their feet before entering your home. Why not personalize it? First, visit a home and garden store or the dollar store to find an inexpensive natural-fiber doormat. Buy a bottle of craft paint, a paintbrush, and an interesting template. Of course, you could always create your own template with a piece of construction paper and scissors that you have at home. Paint your last name on the mat, print a funny quote, or just go with the traditional “Welcome.”
  5. Hanging Glass Lanterns. Make some hanging lanterns for your deck with just a few basic materials. You’ll need some canning jars, battery-powered tea lights, small decorative stones, and 18-gauge wire. If you don’t want to buy jars, just use some that you have around the house, but make sure that the opening of each jar is large enough for you to put in the battery-powered tea light. I like this idea because it’s a safe way to supply your deck with soft lighting for those summer evenings.
  6. Personalized Place Mats. Get the kids involved and make some unique place mats for the table on your deck. Place mats can be made using foam-core board, clear contact paper, and markers, stickers, watercolor paint, or even crayons. These materials can be found at a dollar store. Each piece of foam-core board should be the size of an average place mat. After the kids decorate their place mats, cover the surface of each board with clear contact paper to protect the design.

I hope these DIY projects brighten the look of your deck. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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