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5 Reasons to Stain Your Wood Horse Barn


If you’re a horse owner, you know how expensive it can be to feed and otherwise care for a horse. You also know how it feels to open the door of your barn in the morning to a chorus of excited neighs: Breakfast time! Maintaining the condition of your wood horse barn is just one of the many responsibilities of a horse owner. Staining the walls of a wood barn in a shade of red or maybe honey gives them extra appeal. It can even transform the structure into one of the highlights of your property. But did you know that there are several practical reasons to stain your wood barn? Take a look at five of those reasons:

  1. Stop Rot Before It Starts: The bare walls of a barn are vulnerable to rotting because moisture is able to seep deep inside the fibers of the wood. Thunderstorms, gentle rains, and snow can all take their toll on the wooden walls of your barn. After a time, bare wood begins to rot, prompting mold and mildew to form. The stain on a wooden wall acts as a barrier to moisture and protects the condition of the wood.
  2. Prevent Insect Invasions: A wood barn with unstained walls can be an appealing invitation to termites, beetles, and other wood-loving insects. Unfortunately, insects that chew their way into a wooden wall can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Staining the wooden walls of your barn can prevent termites and other insects from burrowing their way inside and weakening your walls.
  3. Protection From the Sun: Depending on the location of your barn, its walls may receive several hours per day of harsh sunlight. Sunlight can cause bare wood to fade, giving it an uneven, blotchy appearance. A coat or two of stain on a wood barn protects its surface from persistent, harsh sunlight.
  4. Staining is More Practical than Painting: If you don’t purchase a pre-stained wood barn, it’s a good idea to stain the walls instead of painting them. Over time, paint begins to chip and crack, making a structure look very unappealing. Alternatively, if the stain on your barn begins to fade over time, you can re-stain it before anyone notices a change in its appearance!
  5. Prevent Cracks: When moisture seeps into wooden walls, dries, and then the wood becomes wet again, it can cause stress in the wood. This stress can result in cracks that appear near the ends of the boards. A small crack can grow and splinter the wood, eventually causing damage to a large portion of a wall. Waterproof stain can protect wood from moisture and stop it from seeping in.

Whether you purchase a wood horse barn with pre-stained walls or you decide to buy some stain and take on a DIY project, staining certainly helps to maintain the condition of your structure. And after all, don’t your horses deserve to enjoy their hay in a well-maintained home? Thanks for reading! – Alan

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