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5 Home Improvement Projects To Tackle In The Winter


Are you a fan of the cold, snowy weather? It’s nice to take short walks outside, but it’s even nicer to head back into a warm home. Most people are inside a lot during the winter, making it the perfect time to take on a few home improvement projects. For this week’s post, I have some projects to help brighten up your home this time of year.

  1. Painting the Walls of Your Rooms. Look around your home. Do you have a room or two in need of a fresh look? Painting the walls of a room can instantly change the tone of the space. The colors in your home can even influence your mood. If you have a room with brown or gray walls, change the look by painting the walls a pastel blue, green, or lavender. Highlight the color you choose by painting the baseboards and trim in bright white.
  2. Refresh the Look of Your Bathroom. A bathroom serves a practical purpose in a home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful as well. Look at the bathroom your family uses the most. You can refresh its look by making little changes such as replacing the old faucets with a new design, or you could replace the floor with tile in a fresh color or pattern. Sometimes, refreshing the look of a powder room can be done by putting up a piece of artwork or hanging a mirror with an ornate design above the sink. I think something as simple as recaulking a bathtub or shower makes a big difference in the appearance of a bathroom. You may be inspired to order a new set of towels and washcloths for springtime!
  3. Declutter Your Rooms. What better time is there to declutter than when it’s too cold to venture outside? Keep a big garbage can handy so you can dispose of anything that is worn out and taking up valuable space in your closets or cabinets. Also, have a bag ready for items to donate to your local Goodwill or similar organization. Charity organizations are always looking for toys, clothing, games, kitchen items, and furniture in good condition. I like the idea of giving older items new life; don’t you? By the time spring rolls around, you’ll have a head start on your spring cleaning!
  4. Redo the Lighting in Your Home. Do you have a room that needs extra light during the wintertime? If so, make a few unique table lamps to add to the space. Make them in colors that complement your newly painted walls! You could also replace the curtains on the room’s windows with a design that allows more natural light to flow through.
  5. Refurbish Interior Doors. Refurbishing your interior doors can be accomplished in many ways. You can do something as simple as installing a new doorknob in a different style or color. You can paint a door a different color or refresh its current color, if you like it. Putting up decorative window film featuring a stained glass or opaque glass design is an idea for doors with windows in them. Window film is great for French or patio doors. Decorative window film is visually appealing while providing you with more privacy.

I hope you tackle one or more of these projects to make your home look its best this winter. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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