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5 Great Garden and Patio Makeover Ideas

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Hi, everyone! Do you spend a lot of time out on your patio or in your garden? It can be very relaxing to spend time with friends and family on an appealing patio that overlooks a beautiful garden. I’ve found that there are plenty of simple patio and garden makeover ideas out there that can make a big difference in the appearance of these areas. The white vinyl gazebo in the above picture is available as a gazebo kit which can be placed in the garden or patio for a relaxing place to sit. Take a look at five makeover ideas that you may want to try!

Tips for Patio Makeovers

I think that one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your patio area is to change the appearance of the outdoor furniture. For example, you may want to repaint a metal patio table in its original color or go with a different color. Repainting a dingy-looking patio table can give the space a breath of fresh air. Or, you may want to look for a new set of furniture for the patio. If you’ve had the same round, glass top table for several years maybe you could try a rectangular wooden table. A set of refinished or new patio chairs also goes a long way to revive the look of an outdoor space.

Another idea I suggest for those of you interested in patio makeovers is to lay down some tile. If you have a plain concrete patio, tile can make the area look a lot more inviting. There are many types of tile to choose from including ceramic, porcelain, stone, and slate. The colors and designs available in outdoor tile will give you the chance to get creative with your patio makeover.

Garden Makeover Ideas

Do you find that you plant the same sorts of flowers in your garden every summer? If you do, I recommend that you plant a whole host of new ones. Planting a row of sunflowers where there used to be a gathering of white tulips is a quick way to jumpstart your garden makeover. Experiment with flowers you’ve never planted before. As long as they get enough light and water, you may find that they give your garden an attractive new appearance.

A garden makeover can also begin with the addition of a fountain. It doesn’t have to be a classic piece of art. I advise that you look for a simple shape like a bowl or maybe a fountain featuring a frog, fish or another little animal. A trickling, bubbling fountain contributes both beauty and peacefulness to a garden of any size.

Finally, garden makeovers can be accomplished with the help of some interesting planters. You may try planting some flowers in pots of unusual shapes and sizes. People use old wheelbarrows, washtubs, and even wooden barrels as planters for colorful blooms. You can imagine what these intriguing planters can do for a ho-hum garden! Feel free to take some creative license with your garden makeover. Thanks for reading! I hope you have found some inspiration for your outdoor décor. Alan

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