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37 Helpful Tricks for Organizing Your Garage

organize your garage

Ways to Get Your Garage Back into Shipshape!

Some people put off organizing their garage because they think of it as a dreary task. Well, I’m here to tell you that creativity and garage organization go hand in hand! When it comes to organizing a garage, people are making use of items that they otherwise would have thrown away. Here are some simple suggestions that can help you keep your garage in shipshape.

37 Helpful Tricks for Organizing Your Garage

  1. A magnetic drill bit holder is helpful in a couple of ways. For one, you’re able to see all the drill bits you have at a glance. Two, it saves space in your tool box for other items. I appreciate having extra space in my toolbox!
  2. An old bookcase that you no longer want in the house is a great storage area for work boots, muddy shoes, and other footwear that you want to keep in the garage.
  3. Store your work gloves and rags in an old laundry basket on a counter in the garage. It will be easy to transport them inside when they need to be washed!
  4. If you’re a dog owner with a humongous bag of dog food in the garage, try storing it in a metal garbage can. This will keep the food from spilling onto the floor if the bag rips.
  5. Use Velcro to attach your flashlight to a wall of the garage. You won’t ever have to search for it in the dark again!
  6. Put some labels on the drawers of your toolbox to make a search for an item more efficient.
  7. Hanging tools from an old pipe is an excellent way to save space in your garage. Use pot hooks to hang up your dust pan, whisk broom, cords, tools, and other items.
  8. Attach a large hook to a garage wall so you can hang up your golf bag.
  9. Put up a pegboard on one wall so you can hang up hand tools and other small items.
  10. Line up your clay flower pots on a shelf in the garage. Use them to store small tools such as pliers, screwdrivers and adjustable wrenches.
  11. Install a hook on a wall so you can hang a small plastic basket. This is a convenient place to store your car cleaning items including sponges, brushes, cleaning solutions, and rags.
  12. Organize with recycled items. For example, use an old muffin pan to organize your nails, screws, and other tiny items that can get lost or fall on the garage floor.
  13. A simple rack for pliers can be made with just a few small pieces of wood.
  14. Install some overhead storage racks for light boxes, plastic bins and other items you may not use very often.
  15. Stack three milk crates in one corner to house various items such as extra oil for the car, window cleaner, WD-40, etc.
  16. Have you ever stood in your garage with a roll of duct tape trying to find the end piece? If you have, my suggestion to you is a homemade tape dispenser. There is a space for your masking tape roll, packing tape and even your duct tape!
  17. Make use of an old garbage can as a place to store your brooms, rakes and shovels.
  18. Untangle all of those old extension cords, carefully fold each one and slip the folded cord through an empty paper towel roll to keep them separate.
  19. Cut some old plastic 2-liter bottles in half and use the bottom half to store nails, screws and nuts.
  20. If your kids have toys that they play with in the yard or on the driveway, there is a creative way to organize outdoor toys and store them in the garage.
  21. Give the wheelbarrow that’s parked in the garage a dual-purpose. Store miscellaneous items in it such as buckets, rope or small garden tools.
  22. The fabric pockets of a hanging shoe rack are great for storing tools and other items on a wall in the garage.
  23. Put up some coat hooks on one wall and hang up your work apron, extra jackets and coats that are taking up space on the floor.
  24. You can organize a variety of items using labeled plastic containers.
  25. Place some office waste baskets on a shelf in the garage so you can separate your recyclable bottles and cans.
  26. Instead of throwing a bag of bird seed into a corner, pour the seed into a couple of clean milk jugs and put them on a garage shelf.
  27. Hang a wire hanger on a hook attached to the garage pegboard. Then, fasten your work gloves to it with clothes pins.
  28. If you have a sink in your garage, Velcro your bottle of hand soap to the sink so the bottle won’t topple onto the floor.
  29. Hanging your bicycle on the wall keeps it safe and creates more free space.
  30. Mounting a bucket on a pegboard is a creative way to store a garden hose. You can even store items inside the bucket!
  31. Storing string, rope, or twine on rods is a simple way to keep a garage more organized. You can pull out a length of string without having the entire supply fall onto the floor and roll away.
  32. Try this idea for storing nails and screws in baby food jars. You can either glue or screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf and remove the actual baby food jar when you need nails, screws, washers, etc.
  33. An old wooden shoe rack is perfect for storing outdoor shoes, boots, sandals, and more.
  34. Put a hook on one garage wall and hang up your watering can. This gives you easy access to the watering can and it doesn’t take up shelf space.
  35. Storing basket balls, soccer balls, and more is easy if you put up a vertical ball rack on one wall of the garage.
  36. If you keep seed envelopes in your garage, use clothes pins to hang them from a wire hanger. Attach the wire hanger to a hook on your garage pegboard.
  37. Hanging your ladder on the wall is one of the most efficient garage organization ideas you can try. Storing a ladder this way allows you to access your ladder whenever you need it.

Thanks for reading! Alan

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