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30 Winter Hacks That Everyone Should Know

The winter season is quickly approaching. This makes it the perfect time to give you some hacks to help you navigate the cold weather a little better this year. So, here we go!

1.Use Your Oven. Using your conventional oven to cook means you get to enjoy the heat it gives off during and after the cooking time. Plus, you get to relish a hot meal.

2. Windshield Wiper Socks. If you park outside this winter, pull your windshield wipers into an upright position, and put a sock over each blade. This prevents them from freezing to your windshield.

3. Dual-Purpose Kitty Litter. Leave one bag of kitty litter in your garage to serve its usual purpose. Take another and put it into your car’s trunk to serve as extra weight to keep your rear tires on the icy roads.

4. De-Pill Sweaters. If you have sweaters with pilling, aka fuzzballs, try using a disposable razor to remove them.

5. The Old Hot Water Bottle. Give yourself a warm bed to jump into every night by putting a hot water bottle between the sheets before bedtime.

6. Utilize Your Ceiling Fan. Change the direction of the paddles on your ceiling fan to travel clockwise. This allows it to send warm air back down into the living area.

7. Grab Your Car’s Floor Mats. If your car gets stuck in the snow and you don’t have any salt or kitty litter, put your car’s floor mats beneath the tires for traction.

8. Keep Your Pants Tucked in Your Boots. Make sure your pants stay tucked into your boots by running a mitten clip beneath your socked foot. Then, attach each end to the hem of your pants. Ta-da! Homemade stirrup pants!

9. Cure Cracked Feet. Tend to dry skin on your feet by putting Vaseline on them and wearing socks overnight.

10. Face the East. Take a few seconds to park your car with its windshield facing east. As the sun rises, it can help melt ice that forms overnight.

11. Dry Your Boots. After slipping off your wet boots, stuff newspaper into them to dry them out.

12. Insulate Outlets. Buy some inexpensive foam inserts to put behind your outlet covers to reduce drafts.

13. Put Up Heavy Curtains. Curtains made of heavy material can keep cold drafts from traveling through your home’s windows.

14. Drink Water. Staying hydrated is a good idea at any time of the year, but the air is particularly dry in the wintertime. Squeeze some lime juice into your water to give it some pizzazz.

15. Heat Your Pajamas. Treat yourself to warm pajamas every night by putting them in the clothes dryer for about ten minutes before bed.

16. Wool Shoe Inserts. Make some wool inserts for your boots or shoes out of an old wool sweater. Another layer to keep your toes toasty is always welcome, am I right?

17.Gloves in the Glove Compartment. Put an extra pair of gloves and socks in the glove compartment of your car. You never know when a change of wet gloves or socks will be needed.

18. De-Ice with Hand Sanitizer. If your car’s door lock is frozen, smear a bit of hand sanitizer on the key and put it into the lock. The alcohol in the sanitizer can help defrost the issue.

19. Make Crock Pot Meals. Find some great chili or soup recipes to make in your crock pot. You’ll enjoy the hearty meal and the spicy fragrances.

20. Invest in a Quality Quilt. Putting a heavy quilt on the bed in the wintertime can keep you warm and cut down on the furnace bill at the same time.

21. Get a Humidifier. Running a humidifier in your home for a few hours a day puts moisture in the air and makes the atmosphere more comfortable.

22. Secure the Door. If you feel a draft near the bottom of your front door, put a rolled towel against it to keep the breezes out.

23. Zip Tie Your Tires. If you like to ride your bike in the winter, attach several zip ties around each tire to give you traction on slippery roads.

24. Open the Curtains. Be sure to open the curtains in your rooms during the day so the sunlight does its part to heat your home.

25. Close Unused Rooms. If you have a room that no one goes into, be sure to shut the door. That way, you aren’t heating an unoccupied room.

26. Spray Your Shovel. Apply some non-stick cooking spray to your snow shovel so the snow will slide right off.

27. Put Down a Rug. If you have a bare hardwood floor, put down an area rug. This helps to keep some of the heat from escaping through the floor. It helps prevent slipping too!

28. Use a Broom. If you get just a light layer of snowfall, use your push broom to remove it instead of a shovel.

29. Close the Gaps. If you have a gap beside your front door that allows cold air inside, push some molding clay around the frame to fill that gap.

30. Waterproof Your Sneakers. Take a small candle and rub a thick layer of cold wax over the fabric of your sneakers. Then, use a hair dryer on high to melt it. The wax makes your sneakers waterproof.

Good luck and thanks for reading.-Alan

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