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24 Tips For Decluttering Your Home In The New Year

Have you resolved to declutter your home in 2021? If so, you’re in luck! I have 24 decluttering tips that cover almost every room in your home. Here we go!

The Kitchen

  1. Clear the Countertops: Kitchen decluttering begins with removing items from the countertop and putting them in the pantry. Do you use your slow cooker, blender, or food processor on a regular basis? If not, put those items in storage and enjoy extra counter space.
  2. Organize the Pots and Pans: If your pots and pans fall out of the cabinet every time you open it, it’s time to create a kitchen pegboard. Build it, paint it, and hang up your pans to make them a part of the décor. Julia Child had her own kitchen pegboard for pots and pans, so you’ll be in good company.
  3. Organize Cookbooks: Remove stacks of cookbooks from countertops and arrange them on a shelf in the pantry or on top of your cabinets.
  4. Evaluate the Utensil Drawer: Go through the kitchen utensil drawer and donate whatever tools you don’t use on a regular basis.
  5. Organize Cleaning Bottles: Install a shower tension rod beneath your kitchen sink. Hang spray bottles of cleaner from it for easy access.
  6. Evaluate Your Plastic Containers: These containers take up a lot of space in a cabinet. Go through your supply and donate any without lids. Be honest about how many of those you need and how many you can say goodbye to.

The Bathroom

  1. Organize Your Hair-Styling Accessories: Using hooks, attach a mesh bin to the side of your bathroom vanity. Use it for your hair dryer, curling iron, etc., to create space under the sink.
  2. Install a Small Shelf: All of those soap bottles, lotion bottles, and the like can create a lot of clutter inside a bathroom cabinet. Install a shelf on one wall to hold your soaps and lotions and even a stack of extra hand towels.
  3. Organize Your Toothpaste and Brushes: Get a simple drawer organizer like the one you have for your silverware, and use it to organize your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss in a vanity drawer.
  4. Install Removable Hooks: Declutter the vanity countertop by hanging towels, body brushes, loofahs, and more on removable hooks installed near the shower.
  5. Organize Cleaning Items: Do you have a collection of spray cleaner bottles taking up space in a bathroom cabinet? Choose a small wire basket and organize them inside so you can simply pull the basket out of the cabinet to find what you need.
  6. Organize Hair Pins: Does someone in your family use hair pins, aka bobby pins? If so, you probably have seen them scattered across shelves in the medicine cabinet, and maybe some have even ended up in the sink’s drain. Here’s a solution: Attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your metal medicine cabinet and store all of the hair pins right there!

The Bedrooms

  1. Use the Space Under the Bed: Extra books, clothing, candles, and shoes can be stored in a large drawer designed to roll beneath the bed.
  2. Install a Hanging Shoe Rack: A hanging shoe rack with clear pockets can be hung over a closet door. Declutter the floor of your closet by storing a pair of shoes in each pocket of this handy organizer.
  3. Evaluate Your Wardrobe: A full to bulging closet can make an entire bedroom feel cluttered. Anything you haven’t worn in a year can go into a donation bag if it’s still in good condition. If this seems overwhelming, start by spending just 15 or 20 minutes on the task each day.
  4. Clear the Knick-Knacks: If you have knick-knacks on your dresser or bookshelf that don’t really add to the bedroom’s décor, get rid of them. Think about including them in a garage sale this spring.
  5. Use Drawer Dividers: After getting rid of clothing items you no longer need, use drawer dividers in your dresser drawers to organize your folded sweaters, shirts, and pants.
  6. Hang Framed Photos: Do you have framed photos of family and friends covering the top of your dresser or bookcase? If so, think about hanging them on the wall in an attractive arrangement. You’ll get to enjoy your photos along with extra space on your dresser!

The Living Room

  1. A Multi-Purpose Coffee Table: Invest in a coffee table with storage space inside it. Simply lift its lid and store extra pillows, blankets, magazines, and candles out of sight.
  2. Purge Your Pillows: If you have a lot of throw pillows stacked on your sofa and chairs, reduce the number to three or four. They will still enhance your décor while not taking up too much space in the room.
  3. Organize Magazines: Magazines can really clutter up the coffee table and end tables in a living room. Choose a woven or fabric storage bin for your collection of magazines.
  4. Organize Coats and Jackets: Are your kids in the habit of throwing their coats, jackets, or backpacks on the living room sofa or chairs? This can definitely make the room feel cluttered. One solution to this is to put up a simple yet attractive line of coat hooks at one end of the room.
  5. Buy an Ottoman: Not only can you prop your feet up on an ottoman, but you can also store items inside of it. Put your throw blanket, extra pillows, or remotes inside for safe storage.
  6. Evaluate Your Furniture Arrangement: Take a walk through your living room. If you find yourself side-stepping a chair or a table to make it through, get rid of that furniture item. A clear path will make the space feel more inviting.

Happy decluttering, everyone! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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