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20 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Being Bored Over The Summer

By this part of the summer, many kids are running out of things to do. Or so they think! With a little creative thinking, there are plenty of things to keep a kid’s mind and body active during summer break. I have a few suggestions today that can help your kids can stay active throughout the summer.

  1. Start a Reading Challenge. Kids can do a reading challenge by setting a goal for the number of books they will read in a week. If they set a goal of three books and achieve that goal, they can raise their goal for the next week! They could even make it a contest with their friends, if they want.
  2. Learn to Cook or Bake. Stop by the library or go online to find some easy recipes. Then, help your kids gather the ingredients and supplies as they try their hand at making a pie, spaghetti, or a casserole!
  3. Compete in a Swim Challenge With a Friend. While visiting the local pool with a friend, your child can challenge them to swim a certain amount of laps. This is great exercise!
  4. Start a New Hobby. Sewing, bird-watching, playing piano, or collecting coins are just a few of the hobbies a kid could try in the summertime.
  5. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter. Talk with the manager of your local animal shelter to see if they accept children as volunteers. This is a great way for kids to serve their community and get to know how an animal shelter operates.
  6. Visit Local Walking Trails With a Friend. Kids can get some exercise and enjoy nature as they walk some trails at a local park.
  7. Clean and Organize Their Room. Get your child moving by vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning as well as organizing their room. Encourage them to put aside clothing and other items to donate.
  8. Help Clean Out the Garage. Kids can lend a hand this summer by sweeping and organizing your garage. Show them how to sort through items to find what will be given away or thrown out.
  9. Walk Dogs in Your Neighborhood. Kids who are old enough and responsible can volunteer to walk dogs in their neighborhood.
  10. Babysit Neighborhood Children. If you have a teen or preteen, they can babysit children around the neighborhood to make a little pocket money.
  11. Set a Goal to Be on a Sports Team at School. If your child wants to try out for the tennis team or basketball team next school year, get them to start sharpening their skills over summer break.
  12. Try a New Board Game Each Week. If you have a kid who is into board games, play a new one with them each week.
  13. Put Together a Large Puzzle. Get a colorful 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle and work on putting it together with your child for a little while each day.
  14. Start the Habit of Exercising Twice a Day. Get your child into the habit of doing 50 jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups twice a day. This will get your child’s mind working as well as their blood pumping!
  15. Write Letters to Your Relatives. Kids can exercise their writing skills by sitting down with paper and a pen to write some letters. I think this is a great way for kids to learn more about their grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles.
  16. Create a Board Game of Your Own. When your kid creates a board game, they get to determine the goal of the game and design a board as well as the game pieces. This is both creative and challenging.
  17. Explore the Neighborhood on a Bike. With a parent’s permission, kids who are old enough can take off on their bike and check out areas of their neighborhood they haven’t seen before.
  18. Paint a Mural on Their Bedroom Wall. With a parent’s permission, a child can plan and create a fun mural for their bedroom.
  19. Teach a Younger Sibling to Read. An older child with a younger sibling can teach them to read over the summer or read with them to strengthen skills that are already there.
  20. Wash Your Family’s Car. Washing the car is a physical activity that’s fun and gives kids a feeling of accomplishment.

Thanks for reading! – Alan

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