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17 Custom Garages That Deserve a Double Take

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What’s Inside? A Car or a Man Cave?

Storage buildings are my business, so it will come as no surprise to you that I admire garages with creative designs. It can be a garage owned by an individual or a parking garage used by hundreds of people every day. Some of them are just downright impressive! There are people out there who know how to make a garage look so incredible that you forget it was built to house a vehicle! This week’s blog takes a look at some garages that will make you shake your head in amazement.

17 Custom Garages That Deserve a Double Take

  1. A Garage Transformed into an Office-This simple garage has been turned into a studio/office with overhead lighting, a concrete table and modern cabinets. Note the traditional garage door redone with plates of glass. This allows plenty of natural light to enter the office.
  2. A Garage Turned Lounge-Looking at these photos you may not believe the space was once a garage. The sliding overhead door gives it away! Brightly colored pictures on the walls, a modern sofa, chairs and even throw pillows work together to make this space an inviting place to relax.
  3. A Parking Garage to Remember-Located in Miami, this parking garage (also known as a ‘parking sculpture’) houses 300 cars. The natural light flows into this parking sculpture allowing people to enjoy a fabulous view of the city.
  4. The Kre House-This structure in Tokyo has the capacity to store nine cars. There is an interior elevator that lifts a car and deposits it into the living room!
  5. Marina City-This is a spiral parking garage in Chicago with a famous history. It was featured in a car chase scene in the 1979 movie, The Hunter starring Steve McQueen.
  6. “The Community Bookshelf”-This parking garage for the Kansas City Public Library features 22 gigantic book spines each measuring 25 feet in height.
  7. Jazzing Up a Garage-A plain garage has been turned into a brightly-colored workshop. Huge blue and white tiles on the floor and plenty of storage cabinets make it both decorative and practical.
  8. An Italian Garage-A homeowner has transformed his one car garage into a private getaway complete with palm plants. With a few comfortable chairs, lamps and coffee table this practical structure has become a relaxing area for friends and family.
  9. A Utilitarian Garage Turned into a Beautiful Space-Check out the before and after photos of a detached garage. A completely enclosed storage structure is opened up to let in natural light and serve as an airy studio/office.
  10. Coastal Retreat-This garage has become a peaceful living space featuring a collection of soft colors, stylish furniture and even skylights. The only clue as to the room’s former identity is the familiar garage door and its horizontal track near the ceiling.
  11. Ballet Valet Parking Garage-This is a beautifully disguised parking garage in Miami Beach. The green, lush vegetation on the sides of the structure help to set it apart from the familiar concrete façade of most parking garages.
  12. Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Garage-This is one of the most colorful parking garages you’ll ever see. It is environmentally-friendly complete with solar panels and plenty of natural light allowed to flow into the structure.
  13. A Hideaway in the Garage-From the outside it looks like an appealing place to store a car. The inside is cozily furnished and carpeted. The owner added a wall of windows and even a television.
  14. Michigan Theater-How about parking your car in a garage with cathedral ceilings? The Michigan Theater, built in 1926, went out of business in the 1970s. Now, it’s a parking garage where drivers can stop to enjoy the gilded walls and ambience of this building. I never thought a parking garage could also be a historical site.
  15. Chesapeake Car Park Two-Located in Oklahoma City, this work of art also serves as a parking garage. The outside of the garage has a layer of wire mesh around it that reflects the light so its appearance changes throughout the day.
  16. Veranda Car Park-I would say the perfect word to describe this parking garage’s design would be sleek. It has mirrored glass walls and is made of aluminum as well as steel. The natural light that pours in allows people to park their cars in a pleasant setting.
  17. A Garage Becomes a Living Area-This small garage has been transformed into a living area complete with sliding glass windows, wood floors and lots of natural light flowing in.

It’s inspiring what both professional architects and your neighbors can do with a basic structure designed for practical uses. Thanks for reading! Alan

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Alan Bernau Jr. has helped more than 50,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages. If you need a custom carport, and you live in the eastern half of the United States, Alan’s Factory Outlet is here to help.

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