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15 Tips For Moving Into A New Home In The Winter

‘Moving in the Cold, Snowy Weather’

Moving into a new place is always exciting. But, the weather this time of year can make the process of moving a bit tricky. If you’re planning a move during the winter, I have some tips to share that I think will help it to get done without a hitch.

15 Tips for Moving into a New Home in the Winter

  1. Clear the Path Before Your Move. If you have any snow or ice on the sidewalks, driveway or other walkways around your new home, take some time to shovel the snow and throw down some salt.
  2. Secure a Plastic Covering to the Floors of Your New Home. If there’s snow on the ground outside, your shoes and the movers’ shoes are going to be covered with dirty slush. So, take the time to secure plastic tarps to your carpet and flooring to protect them from dirt and moisture.
  3. Make Other Arrangements for Your Pets on Moving Day. Ask a friend to keep your dogs, cats, and other pets while you move into your home. That way, they can stay warm and not get underfoot as you move items into your new home.
  4. Turn Off the Furnace During the Move. The doors to your new home will be constantly opening and closing on moving day. It’s best to turn off the heat to avoid driving up your heating bill.
  5. Put a Portable Heater in One Room of the New House. Put a portable heater in a bathroom or a bedroom and close the door. This will be the room anyone can go into to warm up on a cold moving day.
  6. Check to See the Utilities Work in Your New Place. Make sure your utilities are turned on in the new house the day before you move so you have electricity, heat, and water right away.
  7. Factor Extra Travel Time into the Move. Snow and ice on the ground can affect travel time to the new house so leaving early is a good idea.
  8. Keep an Extra Pair of Gloves Handy. As you move, your gloves are likely to become wet. This is why it’s best to pack an extra pair of gloves, so you can change.
  9. Cover Large Furniture Items During the Move. Use sheets and blankets to throw over your chairs, sofas, and tables so they are protected from snow and freezing rain as they’re carried into your home.
  10. Keep an Eye on the Weather Report. If you see that a big snowstorm is due to arrive on your moving day, call the moving company to reschedule.
  11. Keep Hot Drinks Available. Bring a container of hot tea, hot chocolate or another hot drink as well as some cups to keep in your warm room in your new place. These drinks can be enjoyed by you and the movers on a quick break.
  12. Start Moving Before Moving Day. If possible, start taking small items and boxes over to your new place ahead of moving day. So, no matter the weather, you’ll have a lot of the work done when the big day arrives. I suggest taking a few things to the new house each day so it’s not an overwhelming task.
  13. Invest in a Good Pair of Boots. Even though you’ve cleared the walkways around your place, it’s a good idea to wear boots with traction on the soles.
  14. Take Care When Packing Your Fragile Items. Use extra care when packing fragile items. If a box does slip to the ground, you want to keep its contents as secure as possible.
  15. Dress in Layers. On a cold day, wear a t-shirt, sweater, jacket, and coat so you can take layers off as you warm up with all of the activity on moving day.

Remember to enjoy your moving day no matter the weather! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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