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15 Of The Coolest New Car Features

Have you been kicking the tires at your local car lot? Well, if you’re thinking about putting a new car in your garage, you may want to know about the newest and coolest features available these days.

  1. Heated Seat Backs: Along with heating your car’s seat cushions, some new vehicles have heated seat backs. You can feel warm and comfortable while tending to your aching back!
  2. Glowing Cup-Holders: Imagine that you’re driving at night and feeling happy as you sip a delicious cup of cocoa or coffee. You go to put your cup into the center console, but you can’t locate those black cup-holders in the dark. The result? A spill ruins your happy mood. But today, some cars have cup-holders with glowing LED rims so you can see where to place your cup, even in the dark!
  3. Lane Departure Warning: Lane departure warning, or LDW, is a new safety feature in many late-model cars. LDW detects when the vehicle is moving out of its lane and alerts the driver with a sound or visual signal.
  4. Cross-Path Cameras: This new feature allows a driver to see a 180-degree view from the back or front of the vehicle.
  5. Night Vision: This cool feature enhances all available light in the area and detects infrared light, giving a driver better visibility on the road at night.
  6. Adaptive Cruise Control: Check out this improvement on traditional cruise control, with which a car is able to sense the speed of the vehicle ahead and adjust its own speed to suit the flow of traffic.
  7. Parking Assistance: This feature incorporates new technology in the form of sensors and cameras to safely park a car in a challenging parking spot. A driver hits a few buttons, and the car figures out the rest.
  8. Drowsy Driver Detection: Say that three times fast! This feature uses cameras and sensors to monitor a driver for sleepiness. When the system detects changes in how you drive that signal that you might be tired, it alerts you with a seat vibration or sound.
  9. Anti-Collision Technology: This feature involves sensors that are constantly monitoring the positions of vehicles all around the driver. When the data indicates that a collision may be imminent, the driver hears an alert sound.
  10. Hydrophobic Windows: Wait, what? Yes, these high-tech car windows are designed with coated glass that deflects rain, dirt, and other debris. Pretty cool, huh?
  11. Built-In Vacuum Cleaner: This isn’t the most glamorous feature on our list, but it’s certainly a practical one. A vacuum cleaner that cleans wet and dry material is built into one side of the car, making it very easy to sweep up a mess.
  12. Massage Seats: You have heated seats, heated seat backs, and now massaging seats. This new feature gives a driver six massage settings to choose from. What will they think of next?
  13. Push-Button Gears: Forget about moving a gearshift into park, drive, reverse, etc. Some cars have buttons in place of a traditional gearshift.
  14. Multi-Zone Climate Systems: This feature allows the driver to set their own heating or cooling levels while the riders in all of the passenger seats set their own. Just imagine never having to adjust the heat or air conditioning to try to please everyone in the vehicle.
  15. Heads-Up Display: This feature allows you to customize the data you want right in front of you instead of looking at a crowded dashboard full of changing numbers and levels.

These new features are sure to be coming soon to a car near you! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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