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15 Houseplants That Are Safe For Pets

If you have dogs, cats, or other animals in your household, you may be hesitant to get a new houseplant. After all, you don’t want your pets nibbling on poisonous plants and getting sick. But having pets doesn’t mean that you can’t liven up your home with a little greenery. Before you back your car out of your garage and head for the garden store, check out this list of houseplants safe for pets.

  1. African Violet: This plant is safe for cats, dogs, and pet birds. African violets need partial sunlight and moist soil to flourish. Bonus: Besides beautiful blue violet petals, you can find these plants with white, pink, or red petals. Why not get one of each?
  2. Spider Plant: Safe for dogs and cats, this low-maintenance plant’s long, delicate leaves make for an interesting addition to any room. A place that receives partial sunlight is best for this plant. Also, it needs plenty of water in the warm-weather months and can benefit from a spray or two from a misting bottle.
  3. Areca Palm: If you want a large houseplant that’s safe for dogs and cats, this palm is a good bet. Water this plant only when the soil is completely dry, and put it in a room that receives bright sunlight.
  4. Boston Fern: This traditional favorite is safe for both dogs and cats. It needs partial sunlight and a daily misting with a water bottle to remain healthy.
  5. Polka Dot Plant: This dog- and cat-approved plant has green leaves featuring splotches of pink, white, and red. Give this plant direct sunlight, and make sure its soil remains moist.
  6. Peperomia: This houseplant has charming light green and yellow leaves. It needs partial to direct sunlight as well as water whenever its surface soil becomes dry. Stick your finger about a half-inch down into the soil: If it’s dry, add water.
  7. Mosaic Plant: Take one look at the white or pink pattern on its leaves and you know how this canine- and feline-safe houseplant got its name. Be sure to keep it in an area with partial sunlight and water it only when its soil becomes dry.
  8. Haworthia: This dark green succulent looks like a miniature aloe plant. It needs to be watered weekly and live in bright sunlight. Dogs and cats are safe around this succulent.
  9. Prayer Plant: Need a plant to add some pizzazz to a small table? This one would be perfect! It’s safe for dogs and cats, and it does best in indirect sunlight. Be sure to keep its soil moist at all times.
  10. Bamboo Palm: If you like large houseplants with tropical flair, this one is for you! It’s safe for a household with a dog or cat. Water this plant on a regular basis, and keep it in an area with partial sunlight.
  11. Hens and Chicks: This attention-grabbing succulent is safe for a home with dogs, cats, or pet birds. It grows best in an area with full sunlight. To avoid overwatering, test the soil with your fingers. If the soil is completely dry, this plant needs water.
  12. Bird’s Nest Fern: If you want another dog- and cat-friendly fern, this one is an appealing choice. It fares best in a place that receives a low level of sunlight. Also, it needs a drink of water each week.
  13. Money Tree: Yep, there’s a real money tree! Though it doesn’t give you a supply of cash, it does give you greenery that’s safe for your pets. Water this tree only when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Find a place for your tree where it’ll receive indirect sunlight.
  14. Swedish Ivy: This is a dog- and cat-safe houseplant also known as Creeping Charlie. It needs water once per week and flourishes in partial sunlight.
  15. Cast Iron Plant: Consider a deep green, distinctive houseplant that’s dog- and cat-friendly. This one requires an extremely low level of sunlight. Also, check this plant’s soil to see if it’s dry before adding water.

If you’re thinking about a houseplant that’s not on my list, check out the list of pet-friendly houseplants provided by the ASPCA. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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