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13 Creative Ways to Organize Your Garden Shed

amish built garden shed

“Could a New Garden Shed Help You Become an Organized Gardener”

Whether you have a yard full of prize-winning roses or a small vegetable garden, a garden shed is the perfect place to store all of your tools and equipment. Keeping a clean, well-organized garden shed makes it easy to find the tools you need so you can get out there and garden! Take a look at some ideas for organizing your garden shed.

13 Creative Ways to Organize Your Garden Shed

  1. Give an Old Bookcase a Second Chance. A simple wooden bookcase with three shelves can be a great home for your watering can, gloves and even some small gardening tools. The bookshelves allow you to see all of your items at one glance. If you want to jazz up your old bookcase, paint it a pastel blue or green. This adds some bright color to the interior of your shed.
  2. Hang That Wheelbarrow. There are plenty of racks and simple devices available that enable you to hang your wheelbarrow on the wall of your garden shed. This is helpful because a wheelbarrow can take up a lot of floor space in a shed.
  3. Store Your Garden Hose in a Creative Way. With the help of a small metal bucket, you can wrap your garden hose and hang it on the wall of your garden shed. This prevents it from becoming tangled or damaged by visitors stepping on it.
  4. A Multi-Purpose Hanging Shoe Tree. Get hold of an inexpensive hanging shoe tree with plenty of pockets and hang it on one wall of your garden shed. You can put garden gloves, garden shoes and even a crushable garden hat in each of its storage pockets.
  5. A Pegboard Serves Many Purposes. A pegboard can be just as useful in a garden shed as it is in a garage. Attach one to a wall in your shed and hang your small gardening tools on it. This convenient storage item allows you to grab your tools and get on with the gardening tasks of the day!
  6. Give Clear, Moveable Bins a Try. Pick up a large, clear bin with a lid and wheels at your local garden store. You may even be able to find one at a pet store because they are sometimes used to store dog food. You can store your potting soil in this bin. When you need a supply of soil, you can roll the bin outside to your garden.
  7. Organize Tools with PVC Pipe. Follow the steps of this DIY project and you’ll end up with a neat area on the wall for your rake, shovel, broom and other larger tools. You can even make labels so young helpers will know where to put the items when they are finished with them.
  8. Neat Storage for Seed Packets. Use an old coupon box to organize your seed packets. This handy item will allow you to find the right seeds in a matter of seconds.
  9. One Single Shelf. Install a single shelf up high on one wall of your garden shed. I recommend you put bug spray, weed killer and similar items on this shelf to keep them out of reach of little ones who are there to help you garden.
  10. Keep Your Paper Towels Handy. Attach a simple paper towel holder beneath your single shelf to keep them from rolling onto the floor of your shed.
  11. A Wire Basket with a Handle. Purchase an inexpensive wire basket with a handle and keep your old rags in it. You can either hang the basket on the wall or put it on the top of your bookcase. When it’s time to wash the rags, you can pick up the whole basket and take it into the house.
  12. A Few Bucket Hooks. Hang your small buckets from hooks on one wall. By hanging them up, they will stay out of your way as you walk around the shed.
  13. A Welcome Mat. Just because it’s a garden shed doesn’t mean it’s alright to track mud around inside it. Find a colorful welcome mat and put it at the door of your shed. You’ll appreciate seeing a clean floor every time you open the door.

Good luck with your organizing efforts and thanks for reading!-Alan

Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 50,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

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