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12 Natural Methods To Ease Your Spring Allergies

For some, the start of Spring brings sneezing, a sore throat, and sniffling right along with it. Spring allergies can take the enjoyment out of watching the flowers and trees waking up all around us. Good news! There are several natural ways that allergy sufferers can get some relief from spring allergies.

  1. Keep Your Windows Closed. Keeping the windows closed at all times can be tough to do if you like to have a light breeze traveling through your home. But, when you keep them closed, you’re preventing pollen from blowing in and settling on your furniture and floors. You won’t have to deal with pollen circulating throughout your home and aggravating your allergy symptoms.
  2. Taking a Shower After Being Outdoors. Taking a shower and putting on fresh clothes after being outdoors for an extended amount of time can help relieve your allergy symptoms. Pollen on your clothing, skin or hair can irritate your allergies so showering prevents you from spreading this pollen onto your pillows, the couch, etc.
  3. Try a Nasal Rinse. Have you ever heard of a Neti pot? This is a product used for nasal irrigation. It’s the process of moving saltwater through your nasal passages in an effort to remove pollen and other irritants from the area. You can use a Neti pot up to twice a day.
  4. Wear a Face Mask While Outdoors. Wearing a face mask whenever you go outdoors can block some of the airborne pollen from entering your nose or mouth. An N95 filter mask is effective at blocking pollen.
  5. Use Natural Cleaning Solutions. Make it a point to purchase natural cleaning solutions to use around your home. Some of the ingredients used in other types of cleaning products can irritate allergy symptoms.
  6. Acupuncture. When you receive acupuncture you’re having needles placed beneath the skin at certain points of the body. These needles stimulate nerves sending signals to the brain to produce chemicals that reduce inflammation. This can be done whether your allergy symptoms are mild or severe.
  7. Vacuum Your Home More Often. Pollen can creep into your home when the doors open. So, vacuuming your home once every couple of days can keep those irritants from mixing in with your indoor air. Be sure to empty the filled vacuum canister into a trash can in your garage.
  8. Wear a Hat. Keep a hat with a brim by your door and put it on whenever you go out. Your hat is a barrier preventing pollen from settling on your hair.
  9. Add Some Garlic to Your Meals. Chopping up garlic and putting it in your soup or on a sandwich can help relieve your allergies. Garlic is spicy and serves to thin mucus reducing congestion during allergy season. Bonus: Garlic is delicious!
  10. Drink Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix two or three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with water and drink it twice a day. This can raise your potassium level to soothe your runny nose.
  11. Avoid Going Outside in the Early Morning. Pollen is especially abundant from about five to ten in the morning. So, if you like to jog or walk in the morning either wear a mask or change your morning walk into an afternoon one.
  12. Practice Stress Relieving Activities. Stress can aggravate spring allergies and decrease the power of your immune system. So, find some stress-relieving activities to do each day. Reading, yoga, scrapbooking and listening to music are just a few easy things to do.

I hope some of these natural allergy-relief options are helpful to you and your family. Take care and thanks for reading.-Alan

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