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12 Household Items To Repurpose Into Halloween Decor

Do you like to decorate your home and yard for Halloween? Filling up your cart with Halloween decorations at the craft store can get expensive. Today, I’m thinking about ways to save money by turning simple household items into fabulous Halloween décor. Try out these projects to make your home spookier!

  1. An Old-Fashioned Homemade Scarecrow: An old shirt and pants, boots, and twine are among the supplies you need to make a scarecrow for your front yard.
  2. Ghosts on a Haunted Walkway: Wash six or seven empty gallon milk jugs and cut a small access hole in the back of each one. Next, draw a ghost face on each of them with a black marker. Put an LED light or a colorful glow stick in each jug. Place them along the border of your walkway to create a scary glow at night.
  3. Mummy Mason Jars: Make a mummy Mason jar using a few extra Mason jars, black paint, first aid tape, googly eyes, and glue. Use the jars to hold straws, candy, flowers, or utensils on the buffet table at your Halloween party.
  4. Scary Signs: Perhaps you have a small chalkboard in your kitchen or in your kids’ playroom, If so, put it outside on your porch and write a message on it in chalk. “Happy Halloween,” “Welcome to Our Haunted House,” or “Enter at Your Own Risk” are all fun ideas.
  5. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins: Take a new roll of toilet paper and put it on top of a sheet of orange tissue paper. Bring the sides of the tissue paper up around the toilet paper and secure the top with a pipe cleaner. Glue small triangles cut from black construction paper on the front of your pumpkin to make its face. Don’t forget to unwrap your pumpkins and put the toilet paper back into the closet after the party’s over!
  6. A Vase With Halloween Flair: If you have a clear glass vase in any shape, give it some flair by filling it with alternating layers of candy corn and marshmallow pumpkins. I especially like edible décor; don’t you?
  7. A Mummy Door: Get a roll of toilet paper and tape long strips of it width-wise across your front door all the way down. Take two paper plates, color them black, and tape them to the door to be the mummy’s eyes.
  8. A Witch’s Broom: If you have a dusty old broom in a closet or your garage, make it a part of your Halloween décor. Set the broom on your porch and put a stuffed black cat and an old pair of black shoes with buckles next to it. Bring your chalkboard (see #4) into the picture by writing “Witch Parking Only” on it.
  9. Miniature Can Pumpkins: If you have empty soup or vegetable cans, cover them with newspaper and paint them orange. When the orange is dry, paint pumpkin faces on them with black acrylic paint.
  10. Ghosts on Your Porch: Take a few white trash bags, fill them with leaves from your yard, and fasten the tops with black pipe cleaners. Use a black marker to make a ghost face on each one. This is a great way to decorate AND get your kids to help with the raking!
  11. Monster at the Door: Two paper plates, a roll of masking tape, black construction paper, and scissors are the supplies you need to make this easy Halloween craft. Cut two big circles from the black construction paper and glue one to each paper plate. Tape the two paper plates to your front door for the monster’s eyes. Use a long strip of the masking tape to make the monster’s mouth and maybe some little pieces to make some pointy teeth. Don’t forget to make some eyebrows out of masking tape for your monster!
  12. Tomato Cage Ghosts: Dig those tomato cages out of your garden shed and make them into ghosts. LED lights, an old pillowcase, and a black marker can help you transform your tomato cages into ghosts.

I hope these ideas put your creativity into high gear for this year’s Halloween décor! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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