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11 Easy Ways To Better Insulate Your Home In The Winter

You’ve done the weather-stripping thing, adjusted the thermostat, and gotten a tune-up for the furnace. But the house still feels cold. Good news: I have some simple things you can do to further fortify your home against the cold this winter.

  1. Rearrange the Furniture: Check to see whether you have any tables, chairs, or other furniture blocking vents that release warm air. Rearranging the furniture away from the vents can increase the warm air flow in a room.
  2. Check the Flue: Check your chimney flue to make sure it’s completely closed when the fireplace isn’t in use. When the flue is not completely closed, cold air is free to rush into your rooms.
  3. Invest in a Rug: Cold air can leak into your home through hardwood or other types of bare floors. Think about putting down an area rug, at least for the cold weather months.
  4. Put Up the Storm Door: If you’ve been delaying putting up the storm door, it’s time to get it done. A solid storm door can prevent drafts of cold air from rushing into your home via the front door. Furthermore, it can stop the warm air from escaping outdoors!
  5. Try the Foil Trick: This is for those of you with a radiator next to an exterior wall. Cut a large sheet of aluminum foil and tape it to the wall behind the radiator. It will reflect the heat back into your home instead of letting it escape through the wall.
  6. Switch the Fan’s Direction: Change the direction of your ceiling fan paddles to travel clockwise. This pushes the warm air down from the ceiling back into your rooms. You’ll save a little on the furnace bill at the same time. That’s a win-win!
  7. Check Those Doggy Doors: When you think of cold coming into your home, you may not think of the doggy door leading out to the garage or yard. But drafts can sneak in that way, too! Consider putting a blanket up over the door to keep out the cold. Your dog or cat will still have access, but they’ll have to push through an extra layer to go out or come inside.
  8. Get a Draft-Stopper: Sliding a cushioned draft-stopper into the space beneath your front or back door can stop a whole lot of cold air from coming in. You can make your own or purchase one designed to fit your door’s dimensions.
  9. Leave the Oven Door Open: After cooking that meatloaf, leave the door of your oven open while it cools. The heat will travel out and warm up the room for a bit. Why waste heat you’ve already created?
  10. Make the Most of the Sunlight: Create a routine of opening and shutting curtains so the sunlight can come into your rooms for a few hours a day. It’s amazing how much warmer (and cozier) a room can feel with the sun pouring in during the winter months.
  11. Monitor the Furnace Filter: A furnace filter full or partially full of dust and pet hair can block warm air flow. Make it a point to check the filter once or twice a month to make sure it’s helping and not hindering the flow of warm air.

These are just a few more ways to keep your home toasty this winter. Stay warm! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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