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10 Budget-Friendly Backyard Upgrades

backyard metal carport
Upgrade your backyard with a metal carport

Is your backyard looking a little drab? If so, there are some simple changes that can help you to transform a drab yard into a warm and inviting space.

  1. Get New Patio Chair Cushions: Choose a set of appealing patio chair cushions in a pastel color or an interesting pattern. If you already have cushions for your patio chairs, add them to your yearly garage sale and spring for some new ones! Patio chair cushions can be as inexpensive as $10 each.
  2. Install Solar-Powered LED Pathway Lights: Solar-powered LED pathway lights are available in many different designs. They create a soft glow on a garden path or around the border of a patio. You simply stick them in the ground and let them soak up the sun all day, and then they pop on when night falls. A set of eight pathway lights costs between $20 and $30.
  3. Add a Snazzy Outdoor Rug: An outdoor rug goes a long way toward dressing up a plain concrete patio. There are rugs made to endure the elements and still look attractive. Outdoor rugs cost around $40.
  4. Arrange Some LED Tealight Candles: LED tealight candles are excellent for arranging on a patio table for dinner or a barbecue after dark. They flicker just like real flames, and there’s no risk of fire if someone knocks one over! A package of 12 LED tealights costs around $10.
  5. Paint Your Planters: Examine your planters and flower pots as you take them out of winter storage. Do you see a lot of plain terra cotta? If the answer is yes, think about painting a few of them. The materials for a terra cotta painting project cost around $10.
  6. Hang Outdoor Curtains: Outdoor curtains are attractive and can add some privacy to your patio or porch. Some lightweight outdoor curtains can be hung on tension rods. This outdoor curtain project costs between $50 and $100.
  7. Build a Firepit: A firepit in a backyard opens the door to a lot of fun. Whether you’re cooking burgers or roasting marshmallows, this simple addition makes your backyard a more interesting place to be. You can build a firepit for around $60.
  8. Add a Birdbath: When it comes to birdbaths, there’s no end to the sizes and designs available. Put a little floating solar fountain in it to make it even more interesting. Be sure to clear some garage storage space for your concrete or stone birdbath so you can put it inside for the winter; a water-filled concrete or stone birdbath can freeze and crack over the winter months.
  9. String LED Lights on a Railing: A string of mini-LED lights wrapped around a porch railing or trellis adds appeal to a backyard. A string of lights costs around $20. Get an extra string or two to put around the legs of your carport just for fun!
  10. Get a Selection of Outdoor Table Linens: Find a bright green or red tablecloth for your patio table. Next, choose a gathering of cloth napkins that complement the tablecloth. Dressing up your patio table makes your backyard look like an extension of your home! You can find a tablecloth and cloth napkins for $50 or less.

I hope you start thinking about how to get your backyard ready for the fun of the warm weather months. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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