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A Guide to Building Safety

Owners of buildings have many things to be concerned about during their years of ownership. Homeowners need to be concerned about the overall safety of the home for their family. Business owners need to be concerned about the safety and welfare of the people that work for them and the people that visit the business. However, there are many issues that building owners face, whether it is a property that is used for a business or as a residence.

  • Building Inspection Checklist – Useful page with general information on the types of dangers that should be addressed for safety.
  • Building Safety Resources – Helpful web page which contains a number of web sites about building safety.
  • Building Safety Month – Portal of information for consumers to learn more about building safety education.

In general, owners of property need to be aware of certain dangers that can be commonly found in buildings. For example, if the heating and air conditioning system is not properly maintained or if hazardous materials are stored in the building, they could have an impact on the quality of air that is breathed in the building. Also, another big concern for everyone is the problems of fire and how owners can prevent them for occurring. And, for residential buildings, people with children need to take preventative measures to ensure that the kids are safe in the homes.

There are a number of regular concerns that owners need to be aware of in order for everyone to be safe. They include air quality, fire safety, water safety, children safety and many more. To help owners maintain a safe building, whether it is a business or residence, we have collected several informative web pages. Please feel free to browse the following resources for information that can help make your building safe for everyone. Also, please feel free to share this information with friends, co-workers and family members.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Indoor Air Pollution – Useful information on how common household tasks can cause pollution of the air indoors.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Information on various types of problems and how the dangers can be assessed.
  • Publications and Resources – Informative web page from the EPA which provides information on indoor air quality.
  • Indoor Air Quality Information – Helpful web page with information on air quality concerns by state.

Fire Safety

  • Fire Prevention Tips – Useful web page which provides consumers with tips on preventing fires.
  • Kids Fire Safety Tips – Web site which provides information for kids on how to be safe from fires.
  • Fire Prevention Tips – Informative page which lists several tips for people to be safe from death or injury due to fire.
  • Fire Safety Facts – Information and facts on fires and fire safety.
  • Fire Safety Measures – Useful page with information suggestions that can be done to keep people safe from fire.

Children Safety

  • Safe Children – Informative page with information on a number of safety issues for children.
  • Promoting Children’s Safety – Page which has information on issues related to children safety.
  • Healthy Children – Web page with many informative topics to help keep children safe around the home.
  • Safety Basics – Helpful web page with information on safety for a wide range of ages of children.

Employee and Work Safety

  • Safety at Work – Information on a number of topics on safety in the workplace.
  • Workplace Safety – Useful fact sheet which deals with many common safety issues at work.
  • Workplace Safety and Health – Informative page from the U.S. Department of Labor which presents many resources and information about safety issues.

Water Safety

  • Water Safety – General information and suggestions on how to be safe around the water.
  • Sun and Water Safety Tips – Useful suggestions that parents and others can use as common sense suggestions around the water.
  • Water Safety at Home – Information about common household dangers concerning water for kids and parents.

Construction Safety

  • Construction Safety – Helpful page with information about construction safety and OSHA regulations.
  • Job Site Safety Tips – Useful page with information on construction related jobs and safety.
  • Construction Safety – Informative government resource with information on construction related injuries.
  • Home Construction Safety Tips – Web page with information and tips on safety when doing construction and building around the home.

Outdoor Safety

  • Outdoor Safety Tips – Web page with tips and information on being safe while outdoors.
  • Outdoor Fire Safety – Helpful article which discusses safety concerns of fireplaces and fire pits.
  • Outdoor Safety Tips – Useful page with information on how to keep kids safe outdoors.
  • Outdoor Safety – Information on seasonal safety issues around the house.

We hope that this information has been helpful for you and that your building be safe from all varieties of dangers.


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