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9 Extravagant Custom Gazebos

Gazebos are small or medium pavilion type structures that are very popular for many different reasons, they are commonly seen in parks, gardens, as well as in backyards. They are standalone structures in most instances, but there are many that have one side attached to a building or other structure such as garden walls, but no matter what they always help to enhance the appearance of any landscape. Gazebos are also great protection from the sun on hot summer days, and they can be used for entertaining guests, having a BBQ, or even just relaxing and reading a book in the shade that the gazebo provides.

Gazebos are seen in many different sizes, shapes, and styles and there are many of them around the world that are one of a kind. Some of these unique gazebos are so extravagant that they are popular tourist attractions and rest stops in some cities. The exact history of gazebos is not entirely known, but they have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years which is known because there were mentions of gazebos going all the way back to approximately 1160. We scoured the web for some of the most unique gazebos and found so many extravagant and beautiful examples which we had to narrow down to 9, which was not an easy task. Here are some examples of extraordinary and one of a kind gazebos that are constructed of many different typs of materials including wood, brick/stone, and even metal.

9 – “The Onion Gazebo”

This interesting little gazebo is located in Portland, Oregon and is actually part of what used to be the Hill Block Building which sat in Dawson Park and was torn down in the early 70s. The gazebo itself was actually built in 1978 and was made to showcase the 120 year old dome that was on the original Hill Block Building.

8 – Old Stone Gazebo

This is a small gazebo as well, and a very old one at that. This unique gazebo, from around 1900, is located in the gardens of Wolterton Hall and was commissioned by Robert Walpole the 5th Earl. The property is currently owned by the present Lord Walpole who inherited the land in 1989. It is open to the public and has had seen various upgrades in recent years.

7 – Hidalgo Park Quiosco

This gazebo, located in Houston,Texas, was constructed using stone, molded concrete and log work. It was commissioned by the Mexican American Community of Magnolia Park. It was dedicated to the opening of Hidalgo Park in September of 1934; the anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain.

6 – City Centre Gardens Gazebo

This gazebo is located in Birmingham, England. It is located in the middle of the City Centre Gardens. This gazebo was constructed in 1993, when the gardens were being opened off of Cambridge St. It is a peaceful getaway for many of the locals because of its privacy from the public view by buildings.

5 – Brick Gazebo Perched on Cliff

This beautiful gazebo rests on top of a cliff located in Tuscany, Italy.
This gazebo is perfect for a romantic lunch with your sweetheart, vacation photos, and relaxing.

4 – Snow Covered Gazebo

Here is another small, but extravagant, looking gazebo. It is located in
Vancouver and its unique design makes it an ideal place for a photo op.
As with most gazebos, it could be a place to find some peace and quiet
when you need to get away.

3 – Zen Gazebo

This is another small and peaceful-looking gazebo, which is likely it is called the Zen Gazebo. Just based on its name you can assume it is the perfect place to get away for some meditation or quiet time. The seclusion of this gazebo is one of its best features. The trees and water that surround this gazebo only enhance its beauty.

2 – Kangwondo Gazebo Edmonton

This gazebo is located in Edmonton, Canada. It has a distinct Oriental style, with bright colors, and cannot be missed by anyone close by. This gazebo is a perfect fit for the multi-cultural city of Edmonton.

1 – Blue/Gold Metal Gazebo

This eye-catching gazebo is located in Potsdam, Germany. It is located in the Sanssouci Park, which used to be the summer residence of Frederick the Great. The palace was built under Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff between 1745 to 1747. The gazebo is a small piece of the widely popular park, visited by thousands upon thousands of tourists yearly.

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