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15 Elements and Hazards That Can Damage Your Car and How to Prevent Them


According to Kelly Blue Book, the average new car costs more than $36,500.

This staggering number is compelling drivers to put effort into maintaining the longevity of vehicles. Little damages add up over time, especially if you live in a region prone to inclement weather. This infographic provides insight into the detrimental effects of various elements and conditions, and arms drivers with tips on how to properly prevent damage and care for their vehicles.

According to AAA, road salt causes over $3 billion in vehicle rust damage annually. Repairs to fix these damages average nearly $500 per occurrence.

70% of Americans live in areas affected by snow and ice. Road salt can cause rust damage to breaks, fuel tanks, exhaust systems, and other critical vehicle components. That is why it is important to frequently wash vehicles, maintain a vehicle’s body and paint, and apply wax regularly. Snow and ice are not the only conditions to be mindful of, though.

Sandy environments also contribute to car damage, especially when combined with salt water.

Sand combined with salt water becomes extremely corrosive to paint and metal. Additionally, it can clog air filters, reducing a car’s gas mileage and affecting passengers. The grits can wear down break pads, calipers, and belts. If you live near sand, wash vehicles regularly and shelter vehicles in a garage or carport to protect from the elements.

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By Alan Bernau Jr

This was written by Alan Bernau Jr, owner and operator of Alan’s Factory Outlet, America’s #1 seller of custom carports. If you’re looking for vertical roof carports, boxed eave carports, or anything in between, contact us today!”

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